May 3, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order: 6:37

Present: Sue Phillips, Amanda Linehan, Kat Wheeler, Bruce Rhyner
Absent: Bruce Gottsche, Jodi Nelson

Note: Sue’s email is changing

Questions about the accrual of late fees and interest. Discussion:
— 8% Interest is charged per year for late fees.
— Covenant says dues are due June 1, late fees begin accruing on July 1st.
— Last year dues trickled in as late as October.

Discussion of liens placed after 2 years instead of 3:
— keep current placement of liens at 3 years. Doesn’t make sense to spend money to place liens for low past-due amounts.

Discussion Insurance/tax on lots:
— Insurance went up to $627 on the lots. Amanda called her insurance agent for second opinion. Insurance companies have a minimum policy requirement of $500. Seems unlikely to get a better rate. Insurance was paid.
— tax went up

Discussion of financial situation:
— $3500 in checking account, compared to $3400 in May last year.
— Deficit is because of unpaid dues/increasing expenses.

Propose raising dues at annual meeting. Discussion:
— $10 increase for dues paid in 2018
— Must mail ballot to households.

Proposed dates/discussion for annual meeting. Discussion:
— Letters must be mailed 10 days prior to meeting. Letters will include ballot. Ballot must be received by date of meeting. Any ballots received postmarked the date of the meeting but received after the date of the meeting are null and void.
— Proposed May 24, 2018. Bruce will call to check on availability of town hall.
— Will postpone assessment of dues until after vote.
— Election will occur at annual meeting.

Center lot. Discussion:
— Discussion of having landscaper coming in to remove sand and replace with black dirt to make that section of the lot mow-able/usable. Deferred until cash reserves are higher.
— Swing set may need to be repaired/maintained. Will revisit after dues come in. Agreed to make a priority. Mention in newsletter if any residents may be able to help to defray cost by doing the work or hiring.

Letter. Discussion:
— Kat will write and circulate ASAP.

Meeting adjourned: 7:30