May 22, 2019 Annual Meeting

— Call to order — 7:03pm

— Assessment:
+15 Y and 10 N
+Financial statement to go out with next letter
+Interest assessed starting August 1st.

— Swing set/play equipment
+ Bruce Rhyner is going to work on maintenance
+ Poplar trees on outlot at Wert and Overlook. Trees/branches at risk of coming down.

— Covenant Renewal
+ Kat’s language
— Voice vote, approved
+ Proposed language to be sent prior to next annual meeting. Annual meeting must be in April of next year. Board must meet in March. Mailing in February

— Division of labor on Exec Board
+Sue collecting money and depositing, sending Amanda list of who’s paid
+Amanda filing tax extension
+Discussion of finding a way to make financial info accessible to whole Exec board to share the load of outside communication

— Election of officers
+ Slate of officers continues

— Adjournment — 7:55